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Symantec has discovered a variant of a computer malware, referred to as s Android.Fakedefender on Android OS. The company reported that FakeAV scam, commonly found on PCs had made its way over to Android OS. The scam involves using malware which intentionally misrepresents the security status of a computer and attempts to convince the user to purchase a full version of the software , according to the report. “The scam has evolved over time and we are now seeing FakeAV threats making their way onto Android devices,” Joji Hamada reports. “One interesting variant we have comeRead More

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The most sophisticated Android Trojan Yet

  According to a report from Kaspersky Lab’s, there have found the most sophisticated Android Trojan yet. The new Trojan – Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a. is reported to be multi-functional and is capable of: sending SMS to premium-rate numbers; downloading other malware programs, installing them on the infected device and/or sending them further via Bluetooth and remotely performing commands in the console.   “Malware writers typically try to make the codes in their creations as complicated as possible, to make life more difficult for anti-malware experts,” Roman Unuchek reports for Kaspersky Lab. “However, it is rare toRead More
Man of Steel iOS and Android
In a press release today, Warner Bros. announced that the Man of Steel game for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, as well as Android smartphones and tablets. The Man of Steel game is based on the Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures feature film “Man of Steel.”  The game is a 3D-brawler that lets players combat General Zod and his invading Kryptonian forces on both ground and air in a fast-paced mobile adventure, according to the report. Other features include:  Players with two diverse game modes Custom, console-quality cinematic sequence Story Mode transports playersRead More
  Pfeiffer Consulting has recently published the results of a research project, which measuring various aspects of the user experience of digital devices such as tablets and smartphones. The research looked at the Amazon Kindle Fire HD (7-inch), Apple’s iPad mini, the Google Nexus 7, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7-inch). According to the report, the iPad mini came out top. In terms of user experience, here is what the report had to say: Key aspects of user experience Key Aspects of tablet user experience are hardware user experience, cognitive load andRead More
According to a new report from Digitimes, Google and Asustek Computer, will start shipping the second-generation Nexus 7 at the end of the second quarter. The tablet is then expected expected to hit market shelves in the third quarter. This is based on information from the ‘sometimes reliable’ supply-chain sources. Key highlights from the report include: The new tablet will feature a 7-inch low-temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) panel, produced mainly by AU Optronics (AUO). About one million units of the second-generation Nexus 7 will be shipped in May. Shipments will total around eightRead More
In a new blog post, Matt Cutts – the head of Google’s Webspam team, confirmed that Penguin 2.0 – the next generation of the Penguin webspam algorithm rollout is now complete (on May 22, 2013). “About 2.3% of English-US queries are affected to the degree that a regular user might notice, Matt Cutts explains. “The change has also finished rolling out for other languages world-wide. The scope of Penguin varies by language, e.g. languages with more webspam will see more impact.” In the video below, Matt Cutts explains what users can expect from the new PenguinRead More
According to  a new report published by comScore, Google Sites were ranked as the top online video content property in the US this April with 154.6 million unique viewers. This is followed by Facebook with 62.7 million, VEVO with 52.9 million, NDN with 45.3 million, and Yahoo! Sites with 45.1 million. The report, highlights that almost: 39 billion video content views occurred during the month, with Google Sites generating the highest number at 13.0 billion and Facebook reaching an all-time high once again with 740.8 million. Google Sites had the highestRead More
Solutionreach and Google Now
Google Now, a predicative search service from Google, recently gained new info cards, new capabilities such as  schedule location and time-specific push reminders. Solutionreach, the leader in patient engagement software for the healthcare industry, is looking to take advantage of these new features to provide more benefits for their clients. Today, Solutionreach announced that their appointment reminders will now be available in Google Now, a feature in the Google Search app for Android and iOS that brings you the information you need before you even ask. According to the press release:Read More
Google Inc. has unveiled new products and services at its sixth annual developer conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco today. These include: Google+ Hangouts, Auto Enhance and Highlights photo-editing tools for Google+, Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 and many more. This is our roundup of Google I/O 2013 Roundup: Google adds button-free voice search in Chrome: just say ‘OK Google’ Google has updated its voice search feature with what it calls a “no-interface” approach for Chrome and Chrome OS. With the latest version of Google Search, saying “OK Google” and asking a question will promptRead More
During the process of spring cleaning his blog, the head Google’s Webspam team, Matt Cutt published several blog posts on his personal blog. One of these gems is this article, debunking the theory that Google is evil after all, in relation to the way the manipulate search results. Specifically, the article addressed concerns raised by a news article which states, Search giant kicks Swiss blogger out of the index.  Matt Cutts appears to have taken offense to this part of the article: heute:Congratulations, you are one of the first Swiss citizens to beRead More
A preliminary ruling by the European Commission, published today, has once again call into question, Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility. According to the Commission Motorola Mobility was notified that, “seeking and enforcing of an injunction against Apple in Germany on the basis of its mobile phone standard-essential patents (“SEPs”) amounts to an abuse of a dominant position prohibited by EU antitrust rules.” According to the European Commission: While recourse to injunctions is a possible remedy for patent infringements, such conduct may be abusive where SEPs are concerned and the potential licensee isRead More

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Google Now Comes to Apple iPhone and iPad

Today, Google has launched their popular predictive search app Google Now on iOS. Google Now provides users the right information at just the right time. According to the iTunes update page: Weather and traffic conditions before you start your day Updates on your favorite sports teams and breaking news stories as they happen TheNextWeb is reporting that some features present on Android have not made it to iOS: Many of the Cards that Google has created for Now on Android have not been ported over, with some notable exceptions. The followingRead More