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Rene Ritchie: Using the iPad mini as a phone

iPad mini

Using the iPad mini as a phone

Rene Ritchie:

[quote] ..Those things, the things I do on my iPhone all day, every day, while I’m out and about, the social networking, the iMessaging, the gaming, all worked just as well on the iPad mini as they do on the iPhone. And thanks to the beefy pockets on my Canadian winter jacket, the iPad mini was just as easy to carry around when I didn’t want it in hand. Also, running iMore’s Drupal 7-based CMS remotely is much easier via the iPad version of Safari than the iPhone version.

Using an iPhone as a phone is still a far more mobile, far more convenient solution than using an iPad mini. It’s what I use 90% of the time I’m walking around my home town. But now, sometimes, when I want a more expansive, more IMAX iOS experience, I find myself reaching for my iPad mini, holding it one handed, going about my same business, and enjoying it tremendously.[/quote]

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