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Are These Photos Really Taken With A Samsung Galaxy S IV?

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Samsung Galaxy IV

Are These Photos Really Taken With A Samsung Galaxy S IV?

Gupta writes for Andosym:

[quote] I accidentally came across a couple of images that were supposedly taken earlier today using Samsung’s next flagship phone – the Galaxy S4. EXIF data mentions model as GT-I9500 which possibly corresponds to SGS4.

Both images are in 16:9 format and have a resolution of 4128 x 2322 that is roughly 9.6MP.  However a 13MP sensor will also take pictures in similar resolution in Auto mode because the viewfinder can only utilize full screen in 16:9 mode. We have seen this trend with almost all recent devices.[/quote]

Gupta later updated his post stating that the uploader of the photos, has taken down  the images. However, a screenshot was captured yesterday as proof, according to the report.

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